QUAIL's Point description
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Violet sea fans Paramuricea davata. les­ser spotted dogfish eggs Scyl orhrnus canicula and red damselfishes Anthias anthias swarms, are the inhabltants of Quall's Point. The name was given by the hunters coming here and waiting for the birds pas­sage. The diving place is far from the seas­hore, we can find current and It's easy to loose one's bearings with bad visibility. The dive star-ts from the point to reach a rocky saddle (-30 mt) leading to the first of two very big rocks. On the sea fans we find the wing oyster Pteria hirundo, the filigree tube worm Salmacina dysteri (Filograna implexa) and the ross coral Pentaporo fascialis. In the holes the long spined sea urchin Centrostephanus longispinus and some spiny lobsters Palinurus elephas. A big number of lesser spotted dogfish white eggs are han­ged everywhere. If we look at them against the light, we see the young fishes moving inside. Swimming at a depth of 35/45 metres we arrive at the second rock where we have a very fine view of the top. Here are very big bluish encrusting sponges Anchinoe tenacíor. It's easy to meet big fishes of passage in a place that lends itself to different dives.